The Story of Maria and Coco's Beauty Salon

Maria started her career in 1993 after earning a degree in cosmetology from Laney College in Oakland, CA. After graduation, she sought employment n many places but found many closed doors and limited opportunities. During her search, she found Coco's Beauty Salon where the owner, who was looking to sell the salon, asked if she would be interested in acquiring it.

Meanwhile, Maria was hired as a stylist at a beauty salon in one of Macy's department stores. She was working there when one day she got a call from the previous owner of Coco's to confirm that she wanted to buy the salon. Seeing a great opportunity, Maria accepted the offer and became the proud owner of the Salon.

Under Maria's ownership, Coco's Beauty Salon has become the home of the best styles and the standard of excellence in customer service. Every client that walks in through the door is a client that walks out feeling satisfied and confident.